Women's Samhain Retreat

Thursday to Sunday
October 27-30
Shawnigan Lake Area, BC
As the traditional marking of the end of harvest season, Samhain invokes both the celebration of summer's blessings as well as the invitation to turn inward. It is a time to gratefully reflect upon the abundance of the year. It also a time to begin to let go of what is no longer needed as we travel toward the dark time. The thin veil between the worlds is lifted and connection with the spirit world is at its strongest, allowing us to relate more easily with the spirits of lost loved ones, with our own spirit and spirit guides as well as the spirits of the plants.

With the intention of deepening our roots we gather for self-reflection, ritual and ceremony. We come together in the safe container of sisterhood, deepening our connection to ourselves, each other, and the natural world that holds us.

Please inquire: by inivte only
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